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Festival of Lights

Shop our exquisite range of Diwali specials!


Celebrate Diwali with our specially curated hampers from Velour! These exclusive hampers feature a delightful assortment of dark chocolates with special dry fruit flavors, thoughtfully selected to bring joy to your festive celebrations. Each hamper includes an assorted chocolate box, dhup battis and candles to enhance the traditional Diwali ambiance, and our newly launched rich and creamy hazelnut spread. These all-in-one boxes is designed to add a touch of luxury and warmth to your Diwali festivities, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones. Share the sweetness of Velour and light up your Diwali with these exquisite treats!

The All-In-One Customisable Hampers

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Personalise Your Gift 

Enjoy the added personal touch of customizable note cards and gift tags to make your gift truly special. Each note card and gift tag can be personalized with your heartfelt messages, adding a unique and thoughtful element to your Diwali hamper. Share your sentiments and make your gift stand out with these exquisite, customizable details.

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Customised Chocolates

Exclusive Bulk Pricing

Customized Packaging


Contact Us for Special Customized Hampers and Requests

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Client Reviews

Become a part of our community , guilt-free and full of sweetness only at velour!

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