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77.5% Dark Almond Bar

New Bestseller

Velour luxury dark chocolate

Unveiling Dark Chocolate Made with the World's Most Limited & Unheard Cacao

Each Chocolate, a Collaboration Between Local Farmers and Artists. Uniquely Aged, Uniquely Packaged, Uniquely Unforgettable.

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Embracing the Indian Cacao Farming

Velour's dark chocolate story begins in Kerala, India, where the equator's kiss creates ideal conditions for prized cacao like Forastero, Trinitario, Criollo & Nacional beans. Our experts handpick the finest pods at peak ripeness, ensuring only the best beans go into our exquisite dark chocolate. By supporting Indian cacao farmers, Velour crafts exceptional chocolate while celebrating the unique terroir that defines each Velour creation. Read more inside to know more & explore Velour's sustainable practices.

Forget Generic,
Go Bespoke: 

Craft Your Dream Chocolate Experience with Velour

Let Us Exceed Your Expectations

Velour isn't just about chocolate, it's about creating an experience. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, impressing clients, or simply treating yourself, we offer the canvas to curate a masterpiece of taste and personalization.

Contact Velour today and let our experts guide you through the exciting world of personalized luxury chocolate. Because every occasion deserves a touch of the extraordinary.

Indulge in the difference. Indulge in Velour Luxury Dark Chocolate Gifting Experience




Indulge in classics that never go out of style. Our "Bestsellers" collection features our most beloved dark chocolate creations, adored since day one. Discover timeless favorites crafted with the finest ingredients, offering a taste of our enduring commitment to quality and decadence.


Original Dark Nama

64 pieces

INR. 2899

Cappuccino Truffle

44 pieces

INR. 2999

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Blueberry Bonbons

25 pieces

INR. 3299

Blueberry Bonbon.png

s*#t they are soo good, they literally

melt in my mouth. omg I'm in love,

will keep ordering.



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Velour Luxury Dark Chocolate India

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